Thursday, September 20, 2007

King of Bribery

When country is India this can also happen. People can even bribe Mr. Almighty!!! Upon the offer of one single Chapel itself he is flat???

Let the core story be my own secret!!! I am realizing, what I asked is decided for me. From that day I offered him a chapel, things began to change. Everything comes in my way. Wherever I go, I am flooded with clues. Boundaries don’t matter, Localities doesn’t matter, and even States are not a barrier!!! I felt lost, but now I recognize it got closer! Hah! If you fall in the circle then you already having a glowing bulb in your head hehe!!! I remember my reference to the main hero that, I am having a strong feeling like this!!! And today it happened for him only!!! Isn’t? Yeah!

He cares about my queries. Somewhere I became his toy and then the playgroud is given to me. A mutual understanding we used with!! Just like a good friend, my well-wisher. But this time I didn’t asked him. Even this moment I am unsure, what is good for me. It felt better when I asked for what he feels favorable for me. I see that even my mistakes; he is turning into my boon in unimaginable ways. Still…..I suspect. Is that given for me or he is asking me to decide? Is he showing me pros and cons on what I asked?. Or all these he giving into my life for a reason; to get me prepared for the ultimate one????

OK let me be serious about the subject. Today, I had one amazing experience, just like many of the previous incidents, but this time I thought it would be unfair if I don’t express it. But as I told I don’t like the reason to be published as of now.

So, this is the message for everyone who read this story!!!...If somebody bribe the God better keep away. You will never win simply because he is involved!!! You are not ready to fail then offer him a better bribe amount, which means you have to pray more than your friend…hehe. When someone bribes an officer who is the front player? The Officer or your Good Neighbor? Rules don’t change. Dare you play in face with God????

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